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To see how big the impact is, you can just run a 2D games that does not require graphic card.
Then you will see that the System is using more ressources than the game itself !

Check that :

Same thing for the 3rd process, if I just move the window game on the main monitor (laptop) the CPU decreases.

Everything is updated on my side.
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Default Version 1709

Unfortunately, even in current Windows 10 Insider Preview fast ring (version 1709) we have bad performance on Dell XPS 13 with D3100 dock . Although the experience has changed like CSystems mentioned in his post.

CPU usage by the Windows Driver Foundation has decreased and actual graphical processes have improved (more fluent). All in all CPU usage is still unstable and very high. Mouse movement has lag on high CPU usage moments.
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just wanted to share my observation regarding this problem... I also had the high CPU and memory usage, downloaded and installed latest update from displaylink (i have Lenovo USB 3.0 Ultra dock running dual monitors) still the same problem.

So adjusted performance settings to custom and just checked smooth edges on screen fonts and smooth scroll list boxes. Immediately upon applying settings CPU usage went down from 75% to 4%. So I guess thats a good workaround for now.

However when I let my wife log into her account (both are admin accounts) to check whether the performance settings were carried over to her profile... to my surprise it was still on the default "Let windows choose whats best" setting. Went to check CPU usage and they are all low usage 4%. Thought thats weird. basically we have identical profile and same apps loaded. Now I wonder if there is something wrong with my profile and all these problems are related to it.

I will try to create a new profile and log on to that.... will be reporting back.
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