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While 8.2 M0 on windows 10 1703 is much better than before, its still basically unusable anytime video content is being displayed. If I am on a conference call using Cisco Jabber or Webex my CPU pins it self to 100% usage and makes everything like a slideshow. Screensharing does not have this effect. If I hide the video window, CPU usage drops back down to a much more reasonable level.

If I use a non-displaylink dock there are no issues. This has been tested on several vairants of Dell and Microsoft devices all with the same impact. using a higher end device with a top of the line I7, SSD, 32gb ram results in the same 100% cpu usage.

This was not a problem before anniversary update or back on windows 7.
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8.2 M1 works great for me, CPU dropped significantly.
Machine is Dell XPS 13
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Hello Patty and all,

We are delivering incremental improvements based on use cases reported at the time.
Some will see change, and some won't. That seems a better approach rather than not delivering anything to anyone when we have something beneficial to distribute.

8.3 will be bringing additional improvements in some use cases. There are also others planned for 8.4.
I'm trying to get an 8.3 Alpha version made available early June to get feedback on this, and other items. At that time, I'll create a dedicated forum board and post here.

Kind regards,
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