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Bertus 09-29-2017 03:09 PM

sierra 10.12.6 scrambled screens workaround
Ok, so i haven't jumped on the High Sierra train just yet, thus am stuck on 10.12.6, and thus the issues that i got on 10.12.4 as i mentioned here
but i've seem to have found a workaround that is workable for me, and thought i'd share.

i've updated to the 4.0.0 drivers release the 19th of september, i'm not sure this is critical, it seems i'm seeing problems less often, but still get the scrambled screens now and then.

Now comes into play the 'workaround':
i discovered gfxCardStatus using this, i can see what graphics card is in use => when the discrete (nvidia) graphics card gets used, i get issues. So i try to switch back to the onboard (intel) with gfxcardstatus, and it will tell me why it can't (the reason graphics switched to discrete / what app is using the nvidia card) this can be as simple as using preview.
=> kill all apps responsible, you will end up with a message saying 'switching to onboard is not possible due to external displays'
=> now unplug the USB dock, switch, and plug back in. (sometimes it seems to help to dis/reconnect the powercord as well)

result: scrambled screens are gone (and gfxcardstatus reports onboard being used)

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