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philip 08-18-2011 12:00 PM

Can Not Seem To Fully Uninstall DisplayLink
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Ok so having had all these bugs associated with the new release, I figured I would reinstall lion and install the 10.7.1 update with it to see if things acted better, and then did! I then wondered whether DL would also start to work again, and decided to install it. After running a few tests, I ran into an issue where my keyboard froze after creating a new space within mission control.

I reported the bug with a information .zip for that.

Now that I've uninstalled DisplayLink beta 3, I'm still getting some buggy issues and where DisplayLink information would recognize that it couldn't create a report because display link wasn't installed on the system yet, it now is still able to make a report, which I've attached below.

My issues are that when I boot up and open ichat, the whole top area is stretched over the whole window, and then it asks me for all my client passwords again, and every time I restart my computer, spotlight indexes itself. These issues, are, again, after uninstalling displaying with the provided display link uninstaller.

An apple specialist had walked me through having spotlight reindex itself which usually fixed this issue, but took hours to accomplish.

I fear I won't install DL again until a full fix for my machine has come out because I fear that I'll have to reinstall Lion just to clear out anything DisplayLink has put on my machine so that I can use my system bug free. Having said that, display link team, If you need me to test and report more things I will, since I would love to see this work again.

can someone tell me how I can get display link completely off my machine without doing a re install of lion?

MBP5,1 15" 2.53ghz 8GB RAM 10.7.1 DL beta3

ChristianP 08-18-2011 04:40 PM

I had a look at your debug information and it seems that the driver is correctly uninstalled. The kernel extension is no more loaded by the system and no DisplayLink information are collected. Probably the debug tool doesn't check correctly if the driver is installed in the system.
I'm not sure the uninstaller caused the issue, anyway if you want to manually remove the driver you must remove the /System/LibraryExtensions/DisplayLinkDriver.kext (you need to login in as root) and remove the following files: /Library/LaunchDeamons/com.displaylink.usblistener and /Library/LaunchAgents/com.displaylink.useragent.plist. In order to rebuild the kernel extension cache run the following command:
touch /System/Library/Extensions
and reboot the system.

philip 08-19-2011 08:29 AM

thank you, will do.

After deleting these things, (they were still on my computer) I noticed a file called appleusbDisplay.kext in the extensions folder. what is that??? I am googling it but thought it was curious all the same.

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