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skew4 07-11-2018 10:57 PM

Please implement better error reporting and finger pointing
After months and months of experiencing a few freezes and hangs per week, I finally isolated the culprit: it was the USB hub found in my Type-C adapter and nothing actually related to DisplayLink after all! Too late: I advised all my colleagues not to buy any DisplayLink hardware ever.

I didn't even suspect there was a hub embedded there, it's obvious with hindsight considering it also features an Ethernet port but I glossed over that.

It seems like:
- some USB hubs have quality issues and reset from time to time for no obvious reason
- many USB devices (especially mouse, keyboards, etc.) recover just fine and hide such hub defects
- others like DisplayLink are less tolerant to transient USB problems, which would be fine... *if* the software was capable of pointing the finger at some place not too far away from the root cause as opposed to staying quiet and taking all the blame!

To be fair the troubleshooting section of this web site does suggest trying different USB hubs, however: 1. some hubs are hard to see; 2. not everyone has the luxury of a spare USB3 hub; 3. finger pointing from the DisplayLink software itself would be SOOO much simpler and faster and clearer.

NAMING AND SHAMING is absolutely critical and for some reason dramatically missing from the mindset of many hardware engineers and companies. Software engineers tend to be much better at blame games :-)

For another technology getting a very bad reputation because of the simple lack of naming and shaming look no further than Bluetooth. I digress.

PS: this was all with MacOS 10.12 High Sierra - didn't upgrade to 10.13 yet for obvious reasons.

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