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pl804 12-24-2018 12:22 AM

Asus MB16AP + Mac mini 2018 = :(
Mac mini 2018, OS X 10.14.2, DisplayLink 5.0.1.

w/o the driver installed: Nothing.

w/ the driver installed: If I have an LG UltraFine 5K connected as primary, and try to add the Asus ZenScreen Go as secondary directly to the Mac mini, the LG repeatedly blinks (and if on Displays, briefly shows the Asus preference window).

If I daisy chain the Asus to the mini via the LG, it works.

w/ only 1 monitor (my primary use case), I can't get the Asus to display anything; unless I first connect the LG, and swap cables over to the Asus.

Incidentally, the Asus works fine with my MBP15 2018.

Tried the SIP trick, installing/reinstalling numerous times, different cables, etc. No luck.

Appreciate any other tips.

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