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Bossworld 01-11-2019 03:46 PM

Dell D6000 - Displaylink, Displayport to VGA stuck at 640x480
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I've recently had my laptop swapped for an Inspiron 5490

At the office, I have a Dell D6000 hooked up to two LG 1080p monitors via displayport to DVI. Both work well at 1080p

I've been given another Dell D6000, which I've got hooked up to

Samsung 24" 1080p via HDMI - shows 1080p
HP LA1951g - Displayport to VGA - this is running at 640x480
Another HP LA1951g - Displayport to VGA - this is also running at 640x480

For the HP monitors, they should be running 1280x1024. All other options are greyed out in the Windows display applet.

The Intel driver (updated) doesn't even recognise these.

If I remove the dock, and hook the HP monitor up to the laptop via VGA, I get other resolution options, and it's recognised on the Intel applet.

Log attached

Thanks for any help. From what I've read on this forum it could be an EDID issue but I had no issues with this setup on an older HP dock.

Bossworld 02-15-2019 03:00 PM

Is there anything else I can provide to try and resolve this? I changed out to Displayport > DVI and that works, but I'd prefer to use VGA for the D6000.

AlbanRampon 02-19-2019 11:39 AM

Hello Bossworld,

I confirm the dock is unable to read the monitor identification, thank you for the logs and your patience. Therefore, the driver doesn't know which timing the monitor supports and defaults to only addnig 2 'safe' modes: 640x480x16@59.9405, 640x480x24@59.9405.

The Intel utility only deals with direct displays, these are displays directly connected to the graphics card. DisplayLink are indirect displays: graphics are computed by the Intel graphics card, but the monitor is driven from the docking station itself. We are Microsoft standard display but Intel has modified their utility for indirect displays.

Would you please be able post of photo of how you're plugging the HP display with DP->VGA?
If you use external hardware, I would welcome the reference.
There won't be an immediate solution but I would like to be able to capture that for improvement.

Kind regards,

Bossworld 02-25-2019 12:52 PM

Hi Alban

Thanks for the reply and confirming the issue lies with identification

I am using a pair of adaptors, plugged into the D6000 display port ports, and into standard VGA cables then into the HP monitors. I will endeavour to photograph them tomorrow and see if there is any identification for passive/active on there.



Bossworld 02-26-2019 08:33 AM


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