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asbjornsabo 09-29-2020 09:46 AM

DELL D6000 dock loses connection to monitors
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I have a Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu (as it came from Dell, plus the updates that have come since). This laptop is connected via USB-C to a Dell D6000, to which is connected two Dell U2419H monitors, USB cables to the same two monitors, ethernet, keyboard and mouse.

In my setup, I use three monitors, the one on the laptop and the two connected to the D6000. I extend teh workspace to cover all three monitors, and I also have a Gnome extension that allows me to run multiple virtual workspaces (each consisting of all three monitors).

The issue is that quite often, the two monitors connected to the D6000 will go blank/black, with a message saying "No DP signal from your device."
This started out quite infrequently, but will now happen several times per hour.
The only way I have found to get the signal back to the monitors is to unplug the laptop from the D6000, and then plug it back in. This seems to reset something, so that the monitors get their signal again. (The serious drawback to this is that it also causes _all_ open windows to be moved to the laptop monitor, which is a pain.)

I have not been able to see anything triggering this behaviour. It happens with many windows open, or with few windows open. Typically, it will happen "by itself", while I am just working in one of the open windows.

This issue is becoming very painful, so i am grateful for any tips.

rcork 09-29-2020 11:59 PM

Check this post on the arch linux wiki. I was having the same issues with my WD19TB and this resolved it.


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