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DavewithaMac 05-09-2021 04:50 PM

DisplayLink just stopped working (Macbook M1)
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Up until yesterday evening my MacBook Air (M1) worked perfectly with Displaylink connected to the Dell D6000 Docking station, which is connected to two Dell U2515h Monitors.

Today I plugged in my usb-c cable and it said "no monitors detected".

First I was running MacOS 11.3 and then updated it to MacOS 11.3.1, but nothing has changed.

(DisplayLink: 1.3.0 Build: 56.111)

Would be great if someone has a tip how to fix it.

A friend tried to connect his Windows 10 Laptop and it did not work either.
Also I tried to connect a usb-Stick over my Dell D6000 and both the Mac and Windows Laptop could not see the stick.

DavewithaMac 05-11-2021 10:15 AM

Solved: Dell D6000 just stopped working
After I tested another (new) Dell D6000 Docking everything worked just fine. So be aware! Don't buy the Dell D6000, it just suddenly broke!

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