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Lurch 08-19-2021 09:33 PM

***Update: Fixed with upgrade to 1.4.0***

Big Sur 11.5.2 seems to have introduced a new issue. When returning from sleep, my primary external monitor works fine, but the secondary external monitor is either not waking up, or doing so but mirroring the laptop monitor. Restarting DisplayLink, or unplugging/replugging the adapter, or unplugging/replugging the monitor to the adapter all allow it to return to normal (showing a 3rd unique screen)

DisplayLink manager 1.3.0 (56.111)
Primary HP monitor connected to dock
Secondary HP monitor connected to StarTech.com adapter (USB32DP24K60) which is then plugged into the dock.

This config was working well until the Big Sur update.

rtstorm 08-30-2021 02:25 PM

Hello, i was just to order my Macbook Air M1 and wanted to confirm that this docking station wil work to extend 2 monitor? It say that it use DisplayLink technology

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