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DmitryAE 05-11-2021 04:13 PM

Laggy mouse & animations
Macbook Air M1 / 11.3.1
Dell D6000
4k LU28R55

Just want to clarify for myself. My resolution is 4k (HiDPI 1080p due 11.3.x bug). My mouse is laggy also I use hot corner "Desktop" to hide all windows, and it loses some frames in animation, or just drag large window (for instance, browser view; if make it small dragging has no lags). Is it normal situation and everyone live with that? Or my dock, mac or anything else buggy?

I can't say that monitor is unusable but I really want to avoid these defects.


1. At first I used 2 monitors with DisplayLink and it was either same performance when I use only one. Connection main display with native support works very smooth, no lags at all.

2. If select 1920x1080 (not 4k with scaling) it works much better, but image is really terrible.

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