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bauerpower 05-16-2021 01:12 PM

Mac mini (2018) issue starting (boot)
Dear all which working with Wavlink,

I thought I will be able to use the W-UG69DK1 for may MAC and as well for my Dell Notebook (Windows).

Unfortunately my MAC only starts correctly if I plug at least one HDMI plug into the MAC!
In the beginning I thought I will be able to plug all cables into the docking station (Mouse, keyboard, 2 monitors...) and just switch the USB C between the different computers!

On Windows it works fine .... but my Big Sur is creating troubles.

I'm working with DL 1.3 / Big Sur 11.4 (OK Beta)

I have a bad feeling that I need still a local monitor..... :-(

Thank you for helping me!


bauerpower 05-22-2021 09:51 AM

To whom it concerns,

My problem is solved with the help of Kate. If FileVault is activated the driver will be not loaded before locking. Let me in my case because I'm using a Mac mini the external monitors remaining "black".

After disabling FileVault the driver is loaded as expected and bills monitors of working perfectly!

Best regards


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