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wattwatt 05-23-2020 06:51 PM

Display not working 2014 Mac Mini
Hi Everyone,

Wonder if someone could help :)

I have a 2014 Mac Mini running catalina and can't seem to get any screen working through the Displaylink I have checked all drivers and all have the right PID and checked the Extension area and both parts are saying yes so accurate as per instructions.

The display port is working as the keyboard and mouse are connected to the display link and work?

This unit works through my MacBook Pro no issues but not the Mini, I have tried both with DP connected monitor and also a HDMI TV neither work. The HD TV is running fine through the HDMI output on the Mac Mini directly.

Any help would be great as its driving me nuts lol

JakubDabrowski 05-25-2020 11:32 AM


Thank you for contacting us here on the forum.

The information that it works on Macbook Pro drives me to the conclusion that there might be a software issue on you Mac Mini. Could you please follow this link and gather the log files for me?

Thank you for your feedback on that.

Best regards,

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