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NMadson 10-17-2011 11:10 PM

Flicker with USB 2.0 UGA Adapter
I just received and installed a Displaylink UGA Adapter. After a bit of fiddling I pretty much got it working. However the resolution flickers enough that it hurts my eyes to look at it. The manual suggests setting the refresh rate to a higher setting. However, on the second monitor Windows Display Properties (WDP) gives me only a choice of 60 Hertz. Is there some other setting I need to apply to reduce the flicker to make the 2nd monitor usable?

I don't know if the "fiddling" part is relevant, but when I first plugged in the USB cord, the system identified the second monitor as "Display device on VGA." However when I attempted to extend the desktop (which is the only use I have for the 2nd monitor) WDP tells me only "Unable to save display settings." After rebooting WDP now also sees the 2nd monitor as a 3rd display, "G185H". It was this "third" monitor that I've been able to use as part of an extended desktop. However, .... see above problem description.


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