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Potzy 02-23-2010 10:07 AM

DisplayLink Manager ghosted out
Good Morning,

1st time poster here :)

I am using the Rextron VCUA-20 with the latest Win 7 (64bit) driver and I am having difficulty changing the side I wish to drag the mouse pointer off screen 1 to screen 2.

It seems to be fixed at extending the monitor to the right - I'd like to extend the monitor from the top of my primary display as my second monitor is placed directly above it.

I've installed quite a few of these devices for staff at work (Win XP) and they are able to tweak more settings using the DisplayLink Manager.

This feature is ghosted out in Win 7 64bit - is this by design or is there another way of changing the 'extend to' direction?

Any tips/advice would be gratefully received.

Wim 02-23-2010 06:02 PM


This is by design. Windows 7 added many more configuration options for displays, which reduced the need for the DisplayLink GUI.

Windows can be used to configure displays. How to do this is covered in the v5.2 software manual which is now available here.


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