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PresidentNick 09-25-2018 05:17 PM

Ubuntu 18.04 Resolution issues
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I updated from 16.04 -> 18.04 and now the monitor that's connected to my displaylink adapter is only showing lower resolutions (1024x768 and 800x600) I can no longer select 1920x1080 like I could before the upgrade.

I tried running this which I found in another thread


gtf 1920 1080 60
xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00"  172.80  1920 2040 2248 2576  1080 1081 1084 1118  -HSync +Vsync
xrandr --addmode DVI-I-1-1 "1920x1080_60.00"
xrandr --output DVI-I-1-1 --mode "1920x1080_60.00"

All it does it add the option in the settings. When I pick 1920x1080 and apply it the monitor turns off. I have to restore the previous resolution for it to turn on again.

What else should I do?

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