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Passwordjojo 09-09-2021 05:15 PM

ASUS USB3.0_HZ-1 using Windows 10
Does anybody know, how to run that docking station with Windows 10 ?
I know that this station is designed for Windows 8, but I thought it might run using Windows 10 in compatibility mode. :cool:

I already did downloaded DisplayLink driver for Windows 10, but Windows 10 is telling me that the driver is not designed for Windows 10 and stopping the installation. All peripherals are working (mouse, keyboard), when connected using Windows 10, but the display is not working (black screen). :mad:

Any idea ?

Any support would be grateful. :)

AlbanRampon 09-10-2021 08:10 AM


The warning you got tells me you did not try to install a Windows 10 driver, but an old driver from somewhere where the advertised OS support is wrong.
Please try the latest from DisplayLink driver downloads.


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