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Originally Posted by pat1 View Post
I forced my system (20.04) with the latest kernel available.
With the latest kernel from apt-get dist-upgrade (5.4) still had problems, then used this script to get kerlnel 5.8 and now works fine.
I've been testing Linux again recently and can confirm Release: 5.3.1 05 May 2020 seems to work on my AMD 4800H CPU with Kernel Version 5.8.12-050812-generic although it seems to use more CPU than I would think reasonable - over 30% at times

I'm going to try the special Ubuntu xserver-xorg-core version stickied to see if that helps but at least I can see my AOC USB 3 monitor now on one Linux distribution finally so thanks

EDIT - All is working well the latest 5.8.12 kernel with no high cpu usage. I installed the kernel via the mainline 'app' plus the latest displaylink-driver- from Display link direct on Kunbuntu 20.04 LTS

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