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Originally Posted by natureminded View Post
@AlbanRampon -- Thanks for sharing this link to suggested docks. I'm seeking the same here, hoping to hook up 2 displays to my M1 Mac Mini. I've been having success with my 5K 60HZ monitor over USBC, but seem to be having trouble with my DVI > HDMI 1080P monitor. I ordered a new cable, so we'll see if this remedies the issue (connected via HDMI port the monitor is flickering in and out of detection).

I was wondering what docks you might recommend for the following setup:

- 1x 5K 60HZ LG 49" UltraWide via USB-C
- 1x 1080P Dell 23" VGA or DVI connection options -> HDMI

I have a 2020 M1 Mac Mini, and trying to get the same setup I had previously with my Intel based Mac.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!
As it's a mac mini, I understand you're not constantly disconnecting and reconnecting it. I assumed it was a laptop. So, I personally would keep the direct connection of the LG display to the mac mini via USB-C even if it does DisplayPort (I checked the user guide). Then, you can use another adapter for the 1080p display like one of the top ones on:

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