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Hi Carlo and thank you for the script.

On rebooting, the two displays connected via USB did display an image for about 2 seconds. Then all displays went black. On disconnecting all USB displays, I was again presented with the login screen. Since the display preferences had been reset, all three displays driven directly by the iMac were now mirrored. On turning mirroring off and plugging the USB displays in, again all displays immediately blanked and will not return until the USB displays are disconnected.

An interesting artifact or side effect since running the script: the time and date in the menu bar are corrupt. They were not prior to running the script. I am not sure one has anything to do with the other, but felt it was worth mention in case there is a connection. To better explain this corruption, I've attached an image.

Originally Posted by Carlo View Post

In case of log out when connecting displays, your system may be mirroring. This is not yet supported in High Sierra.
In some cases (for example VGA screens or projectors) this is the default behaviour so there is no workaround yet.

However in many cases it's possible to remove a saved layout by following the instructions in

Let me know if this works for you.

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