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Originally Posted by jdunk54nl View Post
MacOS Version: macOS 10.13 (17A405)
Computer Make and Build Year: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) 2.9 core i7, 16gb memory
Displaylink Driver Version: 4.0.0
Displaylink Device: HP 3005pr
What You Are Experiencing:

The graphics cards on the displaylink displays will not switch to the radeon 560 card from the intel card no matter the energy saving settings for auto switching. The built in display will switch to the radeon card but the displaylinks will stay on the intel card and the computer will try to use both cards.

This creates issues when I try to open a program that needs to use the radeon card like adobe premiere. It causes these high graphics demand programs to crash or freeze.

I have tried reinstalling a few times. It worked great on sierra and would switch appropriately. I tested this on another identical computer running sierra and the graphics card would switch for all displays when it switched.

Any thoughts? I did not get any message to enable anything in the security dialog preferences.
This is an interesting issue. Point is, with High Sierra Apple has introduced support for eGPUs. This means that applications will have to handle multiple concurrent GPUs very soon.
I'd expect professional grade apps to do that sometime next year: even Adobe has now quicker release cycles.

Apple has actually stated that full eGPU support should arrive this coming Spring. In DisplayLink we're looking forwards to this as there are some quirks at the moment while mixing GPUs (or not mixing them as in the case of the mirror issue).
For this reason GPU switching is not a feature of our drivers at the moment. We'll continue looking at it as the operating system evolves and the early multiple GPU issues are hopefully resolved.

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