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Default Cannot Get Displaylink to Work on my 2015 Macbook Air running 10.13.4

I have a 13inch, 2015 Macbook Air and a Wavlink USB 3.0 dock. I am trying to connect my 2-27 inch AOC monitors (1 using HDMI, the other using DVI using the VGA jumper)

the USB ports are working on the dock, as I am able to access my attached external hard drive, a thumb drive, my apple watch charger, and my thunderbolt cable for my iphones and ipad.

The problem is, neither external monitor is working. I've installed the latest Displaylink dmg and nothing. I viewed my system report in the "about this mac" and i see the dock in USB, but nothing about my external monitors.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. First time I have ever had any issue with peripherals setup on a mac.
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