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Dear DisplayLink Mac Users,

Finding a solution to this issue remains the highest business priority within DisplayLink.
Our teams are investigating several potential workarounds that could enable some level of extended desktop functionality to be restored in 10.13.4. In parallel, we are continuing to explore with Apple routes to a permanent and complete solution.

In the meantime, we have today released a second beta of our 4.3 driver. Installing this driver will enable cloning of the native display on DisplayLink connected screens.
4.3 Beta 2 improves the current workaround by preserving the primary display aspect ratio and allowing to select which screen is cloned in a multiple display setup.
We do not regard this as a long term solution and will continue to work hard on finding a path to restore extended display support on macOS.

Unfortunately, we are still unable to give dates for either a workaround or a complete solution. We will, however, update you on this thread as soon as we have further information to share.

We thank you for your patience as we work this problem.

Kind regards,
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