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Originally Posted by Endless View Post
I have tried multiple times to post a new thread with no luck
don't know if its a moderator issue

Here is my original post

I have an Early 2011 Macbook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6
I have three external monitors

2 BenQ BL2480's, 1 of which runs from a thunderbolt to HDMI and the other that runs through a cable matters USB to HDMI converter
and 1 AOC e1649Fwu which runs through USB

So 1 of the BenQ's and the AOC both run using the latest DisplayLink 4.3.1 USB driver.

All three screens work, however the AOC will only display in clone mode of my main screen
How do I stop clone mode and extend all three as individual monitor screens?

Basically you can't. Their current solution seems to only let you have one actual monitor. It's kinda frustrating, it's killed off me replacing a bunch of hardware here because it basically won't work - stuck with what I have for now (plus having to manually set my 1920x1200 monitor resolution to 1920x1080 because it's rendering as 1080p natively and stretching to 1200.

This has been going on for *months* now with no clear solution, if it isn't workable again by February I'm going to just have to remove all the DisplayLink hardware I have altogether and find an alternate way to use my setup. So far I've sporadically had:
  • Uncontrollable Mac due to the AirPlay clicker having a fit
  • Running monitors at lower than their native resolution to not have blurry text
  • Mac laptop screen forced to a weird resolution when unplugged
  • Cloned screens
  • Black/Blank Screens
  • Monitors that aren't even connected with a DisplayLink adapter no longer work
  • Entire stack crashes where everything just explodes and I end up at my corporate login screen
  • Extremely long delays (of up to five minutes) when connecting cables until the laptop is actually usable and no longer having seizures

It's "ok" for now, but I'm pretty close to just scrapping whole setup.

TL;DR: You can only use one DL connector for an output, any others will be clones until they fix something / get Apple to fix something. Until then, I'm not buying or recommending we buy any more products with DL inside.
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