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Hi there, already posted this in the Windows Software forum, but this is perhaps a more relavent place...

I have also tried the 8.1 alpha and this issue where mouse lag and screen resets is still occurring.
From when I got the dock (Dell D3100), I started with DisplayLink 8.0 M2, then M3, now 8.1.782 Alpha. Issue still occurring.
I've only ever had Win 10 1607 on this device, so not sure if performance is/was better prior to this version.

Windows 10 Pro 1607
Dell Inspiron 13 - 7000 series
Core i7-7500 @2.7 GHz
Intel HD 620
Dell D3100 USB 3.0 Dock
1 external monitor (ASUS PB279Q) connected at 4K via DisplayPort on dock.

Mouse cursor is laggy most of the time - especially once more than a few applications are open.
External monitor goes black for 2-3 seconds about every 15 minutes during use (sometimes more frequently), as though it is resetting itself. The laptop monitor remains on. There is nothing to indicate that the monitor is 'disconnected'... the primary screen settings remain in place. If I am typing on the keyboard when this happens, which is also connected via the Dock, the text is still entered into the application and is waiting for me to continue when the screen comes back on.
WUDFHost.exe consumes 10-15% CPU continuously while the dock is connected and actions are occurring on the external monitor. When disconnected, this process is 0%.
Possibly related: audiodg.exe consumes 5-10% CPU continuously while the dock is connected.

Happy to provide more information if required.
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