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Unhappy LG 34UC88-B Ultrawide monitor + Dell D6000 issues


I was issued a D6000 for my home office and I am having a very difficult time connecting the D6000 to my 34UC88 (connected via HDMI)

When I connect my laptop to the dock 1 of three things happens:

1. It actually works (which is legitimately <= 5% of the time)

2. The USB hub in the dock initializes but the screen is constantly moving in diagonals (~80%) - (IDK if I can link like this and the Camera was unable to focus properly for the first bit)

3. The USB hub within the dock does not initialize (meaning I cannot use the USB ports that are on the dock) and the screen works properly.

I have connected my laptop to multiple Dell docks in the office with no issues (though they are varying models but does include the D6000) however using my monitor and dock creates a weird situation. Is it a faulty dock? Is the driver unable to sustain this resolution consistently?
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