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Thank you for the video and info. I will reply to each questions individually as they are not necessarily linked.

1. Legitimately it should work 100%.

2. This suggests a marginal timing misalignment. If the signal timing was significantly off, you would have either garbage or the monitor would go to low power mode.
I don't see this as being USB related. Because it's marginal, sometimes the synchronisation locks properly (your 5%). We could have a look at the log files, but, because of 3, you may not need to today.

3. This can't be DisplayLink technology as we don't do USB hubs. DisplayLink is a semiconductor vendor and we do not design, manufacture or sell any end product. The chip we do, which then is used by Dell dock manufacturer, is also connected to the hub. So, our driver wouldn't update that third party technology and it is peculiar the displays work if the hub is down (except if you are mixing USB2 and USB3 devices)... Maybe it's using Alt-Mode on the dock, not USB: are you connected on USB-C (the reversible plug) or USB-A (rectangle plug)?
If you can't get the USB hub to light up, this suggests to me a couple of possible things: a USB connector issue (check you are using the same USB port on the host), or an internal issue.
Once you have ruled out a host platform USB port issue, I recommend you contact Dell to discuss a replacement.

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