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Thank you for posting on the forum.

May you please verify the below and let me know about the outcome?

Please run this script in the terminal as a command. It will reset display settings and restore display persistence. It should allow to save your screen layout settings.

Perform these actions only with 1 laptop display, do not attach any external monitor.

  1. Download the file:
  2. Run the file (it will give you an information that it is not authorized due to security).
  3. If you see a message related to security Go to Security & Privacy -> General tab, choose: Allow App Store and identified developers.
  4. Next to it you should have a popup message about our display persistence script.
  5. It will open terminal after double-click and ask for the password.
  6. Afterwards reboot your computer.

Thank you for your time and actions.

Kind regards,
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