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Default Lack of resolutions: software or hardware issue?

Today I got my Kensington SD470P DisplayLink dock.

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro for work and I own a M1 MacBook Pro privately. Both I want two use with my dual screen setup consisting of two 4K AOC 2790PQU monitors.

This dock seemed to hit the sweet spot and support both but right now I'm quite disappointed.

My 2019 MacBook Pro:
- doesn't support clamshell mode
- doesn't support resolutions between 2560x1440 and 3840x2160

My M1:
- doesn't support resolutions above 1920x1080

What I want on both machines is a 3360x1890 resolution and preferrably clam shell support.

I already talked to Kensington support. They think it's a hardware issue and I should return the device. I'm not so sure and think it might be a software issue with the DisplayLink software.

Should I return it or do I take my chances and wait for some future driver update?

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