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Default A happy compromise?

I'm assuming most M1 Mac owners that bought a DisplayLink dock did so for its ability to output to dual monitors. My setup is I have a M1 MBP, 1x 1080p monitor and 1x 4K monitor.

I have found a happy compromise in having the DisplayLink hub drive my 1080p monitor, and a separate, US$25 USB-C to HDMI adapter to drive the 4K monitor. (Link).

With this setup, I am still able to use dual monitors, and the 4K monitor can now use all of the HiDPI / retina resolutions I was missing when it was connected to the DisplayLink dock. This is a happy compromise as it means the DisplayLink was still a good purchase (can't do dual monitors without it) but for a few dollars more I get the retina resolutions on my 4K screen.

This won't help you if you're only using one monitor or 2x 4K monitors but I hope it helps somebody.
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