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If you are logged out when connecting the DisplayLink screen(s) then you've likely hit a macOS bug that is triggered by mirroring screens. It's probably the same issue it's currently happening with the eGPU kit.

On some systems mirror may be already set for the external screens so every time they are plugged in you'll automatically hit this issue.
A possible workaround is to delete all persistence information, so at the next plug in a default extended state can be chosen by macOS.

This is how to delete persistence information from Terminal. Please note that the following commands if entered incorrectly may delete any file on your system:

To clean user preferences:

rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*.plist

To clean global persistence:

sudo rm -f /Library/Preferences/

After a reboot the display settings will reset to default, which should be extending to the right and not mirroring.

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