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MacOS Version: 10.13.3 (17D102)
Computer Make and Build Year: MacBook Pro (13", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt, 3 Ports)
Displaylink Driver Version: 4.1
Displaylink Device: Asus MB169B+
What You Are Experiencing: Cannot get display driver to work
What is Expected: To get it to load and work

Just received the Asus monitor today.

I have followed the instructions to a "T". The first time I tried to install, I got the prompt to go to Security & Privacy to allow the extension. I didn't even press the "Allow" button when the driver finished, and reported that the Installation was successful. I have uninstalled then reinstalled many times, and allowing at least 20 mins in between to allow the timer to reset. The proper reboots have been done at every step. I believe that the issue is that the extension wasn't properly installed (not allowed properly) but I cannot get prompted again to allow it.

I really need for this monitor to work - any help is appreciated!

Update 03/16/18: Please disregard this post. I returned the Asus monitor, and have replaced it with a plug and play which works beautifully. Your "support" (and I use the term loosely) is non-existent and will avoid any product supported by DisplayLink going forward.

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