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Originally Posted by beel View Post

I am having the same problem on a new (Nov '11) macbook pro running osx lion -- I plug in a toshiba dynadock VGA and within seconds the mac crashes with the grey "hold down the power button to restart your computer" screen.

I tried to collect the data as suggested but the macbook crashes too quickly after connecting the adapter, the utility does not get chance to complete and save the log.

The macbook also crashed upon connecting the adapter before I installed the displaylink driver, so I guess this may be an issue to raise with Apple...
This issue should be related to the ethernet part of the Dynadock. You should check or post the kernel panic logs in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. Most likely the kernel panic is caused by the AppleUSBEthernet kext.
If it's an ethernet issue, a possible workaround is to install the ASIX driver ( and see if this solve the issue.
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