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Angry Ethernet connection of dock vanishes if connected computer goes to sleep

My company recently started trying to use Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV docking stations (with power) with some new Dell XPS 13 laptops. I'm their computer support specialist, so it's my responsibility to get the new machines up & running. I've immediately noticed problems with these docking stations, in that if the laptop "falls asleep" while connected to it, upon wakeup the Ethernet adapter is just gone. It doesn't show as disconnected, it's just simply not there anymore. Unplugging the dock from the USB and plugging it back in again does nothing to restore the Ethernet adapter. I end up having to uninstall the software/drivers, and re-install them before the Ethernet adapter in the docking station will be seen again. This is ridiculous. This is clearly a widespread issue (as seen in the Amazon reviews for the product), so why haven't problems like this been addressed yet?
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