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Default latest updates to Ubuntu 16.04 cause logout on external monitor connection

I did an apt upgrade today on my Dell XPS13 (9360) running Ubuntu 16.04, and connecting my external displays now causes all sorts of problems.

After a reboot, the first time connecting the displays will cause a logout to occur. After logging back in, subsequent connections of the docking station / external displays does not seem to cause logout.

However, the computer performance is significantly worse than before this Ubuntu upgrade when external monitors are connected, essentially unusable.

The apt upgrade today included a new linux kernel version, 4.4.0-75. I tried using the older kernel (4.4.0-72 ?) when rebooting using the grub menu, but the same problematic behavior persisted even when using the older kernel.

I am currently using DisplayLink version 1.2.1, and I am going to try using the 1.3.52, but I wanted to post this message first.
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