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Originally Posted by rbryant76 View Post
Anyone having issues with Apple Watch not unlocking the system anymore?

When I have the device plugged in and drivers installed, Apple Watch can't unlock the Mac anymore.

Removing the device and installing drivers - Apple Watch unlocks fine....

We haven't tried this directly, but what we know is that as soon as a virtual screen is connected to the graphics subsystem, macOS disables content protection from ALL screens.
This may include information potentially accessible through the Apple Watch security, it would make sense.

We have contacted Apple and this is apparently as designed. This in our opinion unnecessary: the internal screens support content protection and should be kept running as usual. We are also disappointed of course since we do support HDCP in our products and there is no way for us in macOS to offer content protection capabilities...

Anyhow, I'd suggest to open a bug with Apple about this issue: the more tickets, the higher the chances of changing the OS behaviour.

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