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Originally Posted by tommiy View Post
If I am not mistaken its been 12 days since any official word from DisplayLink on this matter. Its really beginning to look like these are now toast. Even over in the apple support thread the focus is on finding different solutions rather than holding out that Apple will assist to fix this. I don't think anyone thinks that Apple even wants to try to support those that created a separate industry that assisted in use of its devices in cross platform environments. Anyway, I've had to jettison my DisplayLink dock and go to an elgato due to the fact there is no known date when this will be fixed and no comms from DisplayLink on any kind of progress.
We've been here many times before. It takes time, often weeks before a set of drivers are released that offer a fix or partial fix but considering I've been using the same DisplayLink device since 2011 I can't complain about the support.
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