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Originally Posted by tommiy View Post
If they can not manage to get any prospect that are worth informing people about in 12 weeks then I can not hold my breath for another 12 weeks to return to having multiple dislays. I had to purchase something else. It was my choice I agree but the lack of support engagement drove me there.
You're getting a bit overemotional here, but it's totally understandable. As a private person at home you have more options to choose from, in enterprise environments you have to stick with the approved hardware a while longer, which is even more frustrating.

My guess is that without Apple support there is no easy way to fix this. Hopefully, with the final release of 10.13.5 both parties i.e. DisplayLink and Apple, will have sorted it out. I'm still on 10.13.3

There is one positive thing I noticed with the latest beta driver. It seems audio is now being directly delivered via HDMI, no need to plug in AUX jack separately. If only HDCP would have also worked eventually... But you still can't watch any HDCP protected movies via DisplayLink. *gasp*
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