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I was over emotional when this became an enterprise issue and the company I worked for decided that this was the straw that broke the camels back and now no longer supports Macs within the environment at all. You see there was nothing publised in release notes by Apple that upgrading would break anything and so the extra work to rollback alot of Macs resulted in getting given a windows machine instead. They waited a couple of weeks and then decided that they could not continue on without support of knowing it would be corrected and the easiest, fastest, and cheapest solution was to get rid of Macs.
The only thing I can criticize is the poor information management from Apple and DisplayLink! There was no warning ahead of the new update.

DisplayLink posted a warning on their download site way too late. Although, this topic existed for months already. A few people even thanked me at Macrumors forums for pointing out this severe bug. I guess, too many people updated carelessly and ended up with a useless DisplayLink device.

Most enterprise IT departments are hostile towards Macs. It has always been like that, because Macs are a niche product and expensive compared to cheap Dell/ HP laptops which you buy in bulk anyway. However, Windows is not always an option. Some software doesn't run on Windows e.g. design tools like Sketch, Flinto, and Xcode.

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so you expect apple to release notes how EVERY third party driver and plug in will function after the update?
DisplayLink technology is being used across many major vendors. It's not some small 3rd party chop shop piece of hardware. So yes, Apple's QA failed here big.
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