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Originally Posted by Poly View Post
I agree. If Apple didn't disable Displayport 1.2 MST (a decade old technology), I wouldn't even need a DisplayLink dock. If I boot to Windows on the same Mac I can simply daisy chain my two external monitors via a single cable, and it's just Displayport via USB-C, not Thunderbolt 3. Hardware supports it natively.

We have 2018 but Apple tech is now as inconvenient as back in the early 90s. Less and less compatibility with open standards. Apple's OpenGL drivers haven't been updated in years. They're dropping OpenGL and OpenCL as well. No Vulcan support, no CUDA on internal GPUs (because it's AMD). Devs don't care much about Metal2 and it's been buggy as hell. The iMac Pro is basically unserviceable. And a 480p front camera in a 2017 MacBook model, really? It's innovation backwards and getting worse...
Sounds to me like you need to stick with windows and all their forward thinking...
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