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Default 10.13.6, 1 x Air Display + USB HDMI?

I really need to go above 10.13.3. I have an eGPU at home and a DisplayLink setup at work. The eGPU is pretty painful on 10.13.3 although it does work OK.

I was just wondering if I used the beta fudged drivers that use Air Display for 1 external screen, if I were to add a second screen via a USB->HDMI adapter that I have plugged in to one of the USB3 ports of the DisplayLink, would this give me my second external screen? I don't want to have to downgrade again so would prefer not to just try it!

If required I suppose I could use a USB-C to USB-A on the MBP and then the HDMI adapter. That's really messy but if it would work then it's a cheaper option than a TB3 dock.

Any ideas?
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