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Unhappy Dell D6000 and KVM

Hi all, a challenging scenario:

I run both a Macbook Pro and Dell Latitude 5490, both connected to a Fujitsu Siemens SCALEOVIEW L22W-7SD display, via a Belkin Flip KVM switch (with VGA connectivity).

The MBP runs VGA to mini display port via a converter, no issues.

An old Dell Latitude laptop had a direct VGA input from the KVM (via an ancient Dell PRO3X dock), and worked fine.

With the D6000/Latitude 5490, I'm using a ' DP2VGA2 DisplayPort To VGA Adapter, Active - 1080p, DP to VGA Converter' into the Dell D6000 DisplayLink port #1. The Dell Latitude 5490 isn't seeing anything useful in the way of EDID, and is therefore defaulting (with no editable option) as a Generic PnP monitor (Display Link control panel doesn't show ANY options for the driven display) with 640 x 480 resolution, which is a bit pants.

I have been able to capture an EDID file via the Macbook Pro for the display.

Is there any way to force the Latitude 5490/D6000 DisplayLink port/logic to use an external EDID file, that would fool the Dell tech to drive the Fujitsu monitor in the same way as the MBP does?

I know, I'm trying too many flawed concepts to make this work, but it did until I introduced the D6000/Latitude 5490. I'm trying to find out how to apply the EDID override approach to the situation, and am getting nowhere!

(Incidentally, I've also used a VGA to HDMI converter into the D6000 and even VGA Direct into the Latitude 5490 with the same (bad) result, so I think the EDID approach is the only way to be successful, if it's even possible).

I'd be most grateful for any advice

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