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So what you have observed is THE primary reason I've been avoiding the 2.2 beta all this time. I have a solid state drive and the last thing I need is a dozen long lines PER SECOND and forever written to a log file. Someone previously said the log files are capped in size so it shouldn't be a problem - but that's beside the point. Yes they are capped in size, but they are still endlessly overwritten as the never ending stream of console output continues (and wearing out my SSD).

I tried your suggestion about zapping the PRAM and it did help! Now the console spew isn't continuous, but comes in big spurts whenever anything in the DisplayLink monitor happens (e.g. moving a window, scrolling in a window, Expose etc.). Fortunately moving the mouse around in the DisplayLink monitor doesn't trigger the console spew. It's a lot better now, but it definitely still needs fixing.
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