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Originally Posted by assquad View Post
Hello, I have 13' 2021 Macbook Pro with M1, latest OS, 2 screen HP E243, i have used 1 usb-c hub with 2 HDMI, only 1 display was working, now bought OKX docking station and when connected via 2x HDMI, or 1xHDMI + 1 DisplayPort Both screen works as mirrors and in Arrangement i see only mac screen and 1 HP screen. Still DisplayLink show as no devices connected. tried to reinstall software but no results. Can someone help?

Hello Michał,
You'd need to give the model as the brand is not enough to know.
Only being able to clone the displays in the sign of using an MST dock on macOS, which means it does not use DisplayLink technology. This tends to be confirmed by the fact you are saying the app does not detect DisplayLink hardware.
The DisplayLink Manager app cannot change the hardware limitation of the product, and only works with DisplayLink chips.
macOS does not support MST, even on the Intel ones. MST docks only offer two different displays on platform supporting MST, like Windows 10. This article could give you more details on what MST is and the limitations. DisplayLink technology does not rely on MST.
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