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I purchased a 3100 with my Dell XPS 13 and have used it off and on with some success and some headaches. I've been using it for over 1.5 years and I generally install the latest driver when presented on DL's website.

Installation on Ubuntu-based distros works OK... sometimes I experience high CPU loads on a particular distro, sometimes it's OK. ... However, I'm currently running Manjaro, which is Arch under-the-hood like Antergos, and making the 3100 work with Manjaro as-is-installed was nearly impossible and when I eventually 'hacked' it enough to recognize/drive a desktop on my secondary display, it was really buggy with graphical artifacting and whatnot.

I'm no linux expert, but I spent time reading the Arch Wiki for the Displaylink products and the Intel graphics page... installed different builds of the EVDI and Displaylink Driver.... nothing ended up working right. I ended up just driving my 4k monitor with a USB-C to HDMI dongle... it works and the CPU impact is actually less then when I run the 3100...which really defeats the point if you're only driving one external monitor.

I'm glad DL is developing/supporting drivers for this product but unfortunately I have to recommend staying away from the 3100 for Arch systems. Maybe someone else has had better luck.

Hope this helps..
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