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Angry Difficulty with DisplayLink Software: Green Pixel Flicker


I recently acquired two Dell P2412H monitors ( I have one hooked up to my laptop via a VGA cable (there is a connector directly on my laptop). I hooked the second monitor up via A BVU165 USB Display Adapter.

I have the following problem: on the screen connected by the BVU165 USB, I have green pixels which flicker, and move as I move my mouse or windows around the screen. These pixels are only present when there is a blue/grey/green region on the screen, and move when I move the mouse over them. I would post a screen capture, but when I take one, they are not present in the screen capture, only on my screen itself. I checked to make sure it is not the screen by switching which screen was connected with the BVU165, and sure enough, the problem then switches screens. I have also tried re-installing the software, but this failed to fix the problem.

I think this may be a software issue, since I have also checked my VGA and DVI cables (the problem occurs when either is used).

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Your assistance is appreciated.
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