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Default How to disable video portion and only keep Ethernet, USB and Audio?

I have a Targus USB 3.0 docking station ACP71USZ and Asuz laptop with Intel 5000 graphics and mini Display Port video output.

I want to use my hi-res miniDP port to feed hi-res monitor and use Targus only for USB, Audio and Ethernet.

I have DisplayLink software v7.5M0 on Windows 8.1

Every time I connect to the docking station it deactivates the signal to my external monitor via miniDP output and I forced to use lower-res Targus video output. Disabling Targus USB Monitor and DisplayLink USB Monitor devices in Windows Device Manager will not help.

Once I stop DisplayLink Windows service, the signal to the monitor immediately activates, but Ethernet, Audio and USB ports on Targus become inactive.

How can I use my laptop's video output together with the Targus docking station?
Can I disable video functionality of Display Link and just keep the rest?
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