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Originally Posted by neith View Post
Hi, I have just started using the DisplayLink docking to my mac (with Yosemite installed). I have two displays connected, one with HDMI cable and one with DVI cable. Both displays are flickering if I hover over an animation Can someone please explain me why?
Hi Neith,

If you refer to flickering in Safari, this is a known issue in Mavericks and later. Actually it's two different OS issues that conspire to a bad user experience.
Bug 1: On Mavericks with two screens or more we cannot enable some performance enhancements
Bug 2: Without performance enhancements Safari does not synchronise the graphics buffers appropriately, hence the flickering. If I remember correctly this bug started in Mountain Lion and got progressively worse. But you can't see it in Mountain Lion because there is no issue 1.

Please try with only one DisplayLink screen connected, that's all we can officially support on 10.9+.
You may also want to try playing with the Debug menu in Safari and disable the Drawing/Compositing flags available.

You can also raise a bug with Apple but the chain of events is complicated and it's 99% likely to come back as third party issue. If you want to do it anyway, please refer to Apple's internal bug ID 14315874.

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