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Default M1 MBP Bigsur 11.3 random disconnects

Having random disconnect issues and need some help,

My current setup
M1 MBP 13inch, Big Sur 11.3, Displaylink 11.3
MBP USB-C 1 > Lenovo Gen2 Dock HDMI > 1 Monitor at 2560x1440
MBP USB-C 2 > USB-C to USB 3 Hub > HP 3005pr USB 3.0 port replicator DP > 1 Monitor at 2560x1440.
MBP is being charged from the Lenovo Dock.

This setup works, but my problem is that my HDMI monitor keeps randomly disconnecting every 1-3 hours of use. I have to disconnect and reconnect everything, reboot MBP, restart my docks, and maybe it comes back on after repeating these steps few times. I was happy to get split screen working with 2 monitors, but this is way too much of hassle to use. Could this be related to USB power shortage since I am using both of my USB-C or using two docks? I mean they both have their own power source? Also my clamshell mode doesn't work at all, all monitors goes off when I close my lid, so I have to leave my MBP screen on.
I guess I can try connecting both of my monitors to the HP Dock, but then I would lose the ability to use both of my monitors at 2560x1440 since the HP dock (DL-3900 chipset) only supports 1 2560x1440 or 2x 2048x1152.

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