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I have this same problem. Any update on when this fix will be resolved?

I cannot use the workaround. While my external displays work with MacBook lid closed when using 5.25, my MacBook display stay black when undocking my MacBook, which is rendered useless and requires me to do a forced shutdown and reboot to get it back to normal undocked. I also need access to my MacBook camera for meetings, and while docked on 5.25 this does not work. On the other hand, DisplayLink Manager 1.1 works great when docking and undocking, and raising lid for camera, etc, but unfortunately cannot close lid all the way due to this closing clamshell lid issue.

IMO, leaving the lid cracked open is less problematic to me than not being able to use camera, or undock without having to reboot. But best would be to get this fixed. Thanks.

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